The researchers have shown that micropores are formed in the folds of the skin, through which the same amount of medication can penetrate, as through dozens of micro.

To the opening of scientists from the Nanyang Technological University inspired the method of traditional Chinese medicine, called Tune massage, during which the doctors rub the ointment, putting pressure on the skin and muscle tissue of the patient. During the studies, it was found that the skin compression leads to a short-term change in its structure with the formation of pores with a diameter of 3 microns.

The tests have shown that through these micropores can penetrate six times more medicines than with ordinary transdermal administration. In addition to the fact that this process is painless, it allows you to enter particles with a molecular weight of up to 20 thousand daltons, which is 40 times more than the usual indicator, as well as control the rate of receipt of drugs. Micropores completely disappear every other day after their formation.

Experiments have shown that the effectiveness of insulin administration to this method is similar to a medical plaster with dozens of micronegles, and the possibility of controlling the speed minimizes the risk of hypoglycemia.

Scientists plan to improve this method and once to save people forced daily injections, from the use of needles and puncturing the skin.

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