Military developed AI, which allows soldiers to manage voice cars with voice

The researchers have created an artificial intelligence that is able to understand the oral orders to clarify the tasks and report on the progress of their implementation.

Scientists from the University of Southern California together with the US Army Military Research Laboratory presented technology allowing soldiers to interact with autonomous systems through bidirectional speech and dialogue in the process of performing tactical operations. Such oral instructions can be used to manage mobile robotic systems.

With the help of the developed Judi interface, autonomous systems can also request clarification of incoming commands or provide information on the status of current tasks.

According to researchers, improved AI will be particularly useful in the implementation of multi-storey operations, in which several different divisions are involved. The system will also be able to maintain situational awareness on the battlefield, so soldiers will no longer have to rely on a predetermined and, possibly outdated information about the promotion of the mission.

Unlike commercial vocal assistants, Judi is designed to think about and performing operations in the real world. Field tests of the new AI with the use of physical robotic platforms will begin in September.

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