Xiaomi will make openings in smartphones for storage and charging wireless headphones

Xiaomi has developed a new design of a smartphone that allows you to store and charge wireless headphones at the top of the case.

The Chinese manufacturer outlined its concept in two separate patent applications, for a mobile phone and headset, respectively. According to the description, the idea is to add two longitudinal holes to the smartphone housing designed specifically for a new type of wireless headphones.

In order to almost completely fit on the phone, their body will have the form of a cylindrical rod with a wider turning head of the speaker. Their upper part will be a little losing so that the user can reach the accessory without any special problems. Being inside, smartphone headphones will be charged, as well as perform the function of speakers that can be pulled out and deploy.

Although the patent does not specify detailed information about the functionality, but most likely the headphones will be connected via Bluetooth and are equipped with a built-in noise cancellation system.

So far, the idea is set out only in the patent application and it is unclear whether Xiaomi will release such a model in general, since this will require you to move some internal elements or change their structure. In addition, during long-term operation, users can face the problem of clogging holes.

However, a smartphone with holes for headphones is far from the only non-standard development of the Chinese manufacturer. Last month the company introduced

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