Where to Find Motivation to Become an Investor: 8 Life Stories

In Russia, 14.5 million private investors have access to the stock market,

Some are convinced that you need to start investing at the right time. But if you constantly put off «until later», this desire will dissolve against the background of everyday problems, and a brokerage account or IIS will remain an unrealized fantasy.

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Traveling, taking salsa courses, enrolling in an aeromodelling circle: retired people dream of doing things that they didn’t have time for before. Desirable without regard to the financial side. It is at this moment that many people think about investing.

So it happened with Irina Lepkina: “I just wanted to sit and smell the flowers, but I had to maintain an apartment in Moscow and a house outside the city, pay taxes and a communal apartment. In addition, the habit of a certain standard of living remained. I had to do something. » Now Irina invests about 30 thousand rubles a month, receives passive income, which is enough for a living and even more. “I spend the rest as I want: on vacation, a new lawn mower or helping my grandchildren,” —

Determining how much to set aside for a secure future will help

Investing involves risk. But in reality, the lack of financial literacy is a much greater risk.

Sergey’s story

The desire to receive additional income and devote yourself to your favorite business —

Paying for studies at a prestigious university, buying a first home or helping start a business — in order to create the conditions for a good start for a child, you do not have to have millions on your account. It is enough to regularly invest small amounts, for example, in equity funds. On the horizon of 10-20 years, this instrument will give good returns, and it also does not require active participation.


Anyway, money is an important part of a basic sense of security. And if you don’t feel like “behind a stone wall” with your salary, investments will help.

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Despite the fact that after the increase in the key rate, interest on deposits


You can select a portfolio for a specific purpose using a special

Even if you have your own company, opening a brokerage account and understanding the instruments of the stock market is not superfluous. You may not always be able to be constantly involved in business, and then passive income will come in handy.

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