Where did private investors invest in July 2021

In July 2021, investors preferred FinEx funds to all other instruments — their share in

The People’s Portfolio continues to be high-risk — the share of equity funds in it exceeds 69%. So, in the basket they continue to lead

What results could a portfolio of exchange-traded funds FinEx bring, repeating the top of the Moscow Exchange? To answer this question, we will recreate the “folk portfolio” structure from the FinEx ETF and calculate the return on our own folk portfolio using

Suppose that three years ago you would have invested 200,000 rubles in a portfolio consisting of:

The result of investing in

At the same time, the maximum drawdown of such a portfolio will be 11.71%, and the Sharpe ratio will be 0.89. Such a portfolio is suitable for investors with high risk tolerance and long-term goals.