What securities loved pre-revolutionary order and speculators

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In the second half of the XIX century, Russia several times

However, not all investors succumbed to this. There were those who adhered to a weighted strategy and bought proven and reliable papers. Such Deltsi reduced the risks to a minimum: they traded only on official exchanges and did not look at

To do this, there was a whole set of tools. The main bonds of the state loan. They appeared in Catherine II and managed to prove their reliability. The worst thing that could happen to bonds is

The shares of key railway companies were recognized as reliable. Formally they did not belong to the state, but their shares

Another favorite instrument Earlier were

Of course, there were among pre-revolutionary investors and those who were looking for more profitable investments. Instead of bonds, they chose shares with a high promised percentage, but preferred companies related to the state. The liquidity of the paper is important, so that occasionally pries on it. To expand the capabilities of the game on the stock exchange, they

In the portfolio of the moderate investor could be, for example, the shares of the Moscow-Ryazan Railway

For speculations, such investors preferred the shares of the Company of Putilovsky Plants. They were considered the most «running» and liquid among industrial companies, but their course was

A moderate investor could take advantage of the deposit, for example, Skopinsky City Bank. That

But most investors dreamed of tapping instantaneous states on stock trade. «The spirit of speculation covered the whole of Russia, all the main cities were fascinated by the stock exchange game to unhealthy sizes.» —

Reckless game on the stock exchange led to numerous bankruptcies: St. Petersburg commercial court

Therefore, in the portfolio of Deltsov, the shares of the first insurance company could be present, the course of which in a short time

Speculants also loved the shares of the «Russian Society of Machine-Building Plants of Gartman»: those were quoted not only in Russia, but also on foreign exchanges. At a denomination of 150 rubles the cost of their quick

As in the modern stock market, investments with high yield on the pre-revolutionary stock exchange were associated with great risks:

Another thing is hard and guaranteed by the state. With them it was impossible to get rich instantly, but also to lose all savings too. They brought predictable and permanent passive income that investors are so dreaming about. «It is known … that the most medium [sugar] plant requires up to two million fixed capital and the same turnover», but this capital «can easily be transformed into a state loan bond and bring secured income to 200 thousand, providing a happy owner of this easy opportunity to serenely philosophy about bustling terrestrial under the gracious Biarritz’s Sun «, —