What securities did investors choose in September 2021

In September 2021, investors preferred FinEx funds to all other instruments — their share in

Funds remain the leaders

I dropped out of the top in September

Distribution of the «People’s portfolio» of exchange-traded funds in September 2021 by asset class

Putting together our «people’s portfolio»

Let’s repeat the top of the Moscow Exchange and compose a similar portfolio only from ETFs from FinEx. To do this, we convert the funds of other AMs into FinEx ETFs according to the asset class they cover.

This is what our portfolio looks like:

Thanks to the ending on October 7

Now let’s calculate its profitability using

By investing in

You can buy presented ETFs from one of the brokers

In this case, the maximum drawdown of our «people’s portfolio» will be 14.86%, and the Sharpe ratio — 0.79. This set of funds is suitable for investors with high risk tolerance and long-term goals.

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