What is a good investment portfolio?

A good portfolio is an individual set of assets, selected to achieve a specific goal at the right time. We asked the co-founder of FinEx Group Oleg Yankelev to tell you why you shouldn’t copy other people’s portfolios and how to determine which structure is right for you.

Many investors, especially beginners, want a one-stop solution that suits everyone. But this is a dead-end path. We are all different: we have different goals, different attitudes towards risk and investment horizons. For this reason, talking about some kind of universal portfolio that will suit both you and me is wrong.

To figure out what assets to fill the portfolio with and in what proportions, you need to answer three questions:

What is the purpose of investing?

How do you feel about possible investment losses?

How long does it take to accumulate for a goal?

A good portfolio should be right for you. It may be great for me, but deadly for you. And vice versa. Therefore, you first need to answer these three questions and only then make a decision.

And to help you choose and allocate assets in your portfolio correctly, we have prepared several instructions:

The information in the text does not constitute an individual investment recommendation. The decision on the use of securities and any other financial instruments is made by the user independently.