What did investors invest in in October 2021

Moscow Exchange

Equity funds are still in the lead —

In September, SBSP dropped from the top of ETF and was replaced by VTBM. Thus, another class of assets appeared in the People’s Portfolio — the money market. Note that you can also get access to the money market with the help of the fund

Let’s repeat the top of the Moscow Exchange and compose a similar portfolio only from ETFs from FinEx. To do this, we will replace the funds of other AMs with FinEx ETFs in accordance with the asset class they cover.

Here’s what a portfolio like this might look like:

Let’s calculate its profitability using

By investing in

Our portfolio will have a maximum drawdown of 10.87% and a Sharpe ratio of 1.09. Note that in the current composition, the portfolio is more balanced than the previous versions, it is suitable for investors with a moderate or high risk profile with long-term goals.

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