US banks allowed to provide cryptocurrency storage services

The US monetary circulation controller authorized all national banks to provide services for the storage of digital assets.

In an open letter, it is said that for a new type of deposits, banks can use cryptocurrency wallets with unique cryptographic keys. Organizations can provide similar services to individuals and legal entities, including Cryptoindutrie companies, subject to the legislation and the availability of an effective risk management system.

The regulator believes that banks may offer investors with a higher level of security compared to the market applicable in the market. At the same time, consumers will be confident that the adjustable organization will not lose closed keys.

In a letter of management of the monetary circulation controller, it is also stated that financial markets are becoming increasingly technologically technologically, and with time the demand for innovative products will only increase. Therefore, banks have already needed to understand and start working with a new class of assets to study the risk management mechanisms and adjust their strategic development plans.

Financial institutions will be easier to comply with the standards of the UND / FT for cryptoplates, since recently I have developed

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