US Air Force presented the prototype of the new invisibility bombing B-21

US Air Force has published the first official images of a long-range bombing concept worth $ 600 million.

B-21 Raider will be a long-range invisibility bomber with a high degree of survival, able to carry various types of ammunition, including nuclear. The new aircraft is created to replace outdated B-1 Lancer and B-2 Spirit.

Currently, B-21 is still at the development stage, and its first flight should take place not earlier than 2021 on the basis of Ellsworth in South Dakota. According to the contractor, this is the most optimistic forecast for the start of the test, since due to the many technical difficulties, the creation of a combat prototype can delay.

US Air Force is planning to buy at least 100 such bombers at a price of about $ 600 million per unit.

Recall that last year China demonstrated a circular prototype

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