UAE sent their first probe to Mars

The United Arab Emirates became the first Arab state who had successfully organized a mission to study Mars.

The «Nadezhda» probe was launched today from the Japanese cosmodrome of the tangeasing on the Mitsubishi H-2a rocket. After about an hour later, he successfully separated from the carrier and directed independently through space to the Red Planet, which he should achieve in February 2021.

After seven months of the flight, the probe does not land on the surface of Mars, but will come to his equatorial orbit, from where for 687 days (astronomical year) will be observed for changes in weather conditions. For this, it is equipped with ultraviolet and infrared spectrometers, as well as a chamber sensitive to optical and ultraviolet radiation.

The collected data on conditions in the lower layers of the atmosphere should help with the organization of future missions involving people.

By the end of July, two more prosts will be sent to the Red Planet for the Red Planet. The launch of the Chinese Tianwen-1 is scheduled for July 23, and the Mars 2020, organized by the United States and Europe, the Mars 2020 mission should start on July 30.

The Government of the UAE is very interested in the prospect of colonization of the neighboring planet and for conducting research in this direction even decided to build

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