The Toyota Research Institute (TRI) presented the prototype of the portal robot, which, hanging from the ceiling, can perform various cleaning operations.

The team of engineers of the company pays special attention to home robots, since it is there that they need them most, but at the same time they are most difficult to deploy. To save residential space, the TRI developers decided to consolidate the cleaner’s robot on the suspended construction at the ceiling.

This allows him to remove the garbage without any problems, wipe the surfaces, fold the dishes or put the products in the refrigerator. After completing your tasks, it rises up not to interfere.

The robot is equipped with several cameras, various sensors, an artificial intelligence system and a soft grip, which allows it to safely hold and manipulate various soft objects, including bottles with detergents.

Despite the innovative concept, the obvious disadvantage of the portal system is the need to install on the ceiling of all necessary structures, which significantly complicates the use of such a mechanical cleaner in ordinary homes.

For testing in real conditions of new robotics, technologies of smart home, unmanned cars and other advanced developments Toyota plans to build a whole

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