There are 13 thousand bitcoin addresses worth more than $ 1 million

GlassNode has discovered 13,290 bitcoin addresses, which are currently being stored at least 107 MTS.

According to analysts, the number of wallets of cryptomethillioners whose market value exceeds $ 1 million, changes greatly over time. At the same time, the level of the number of addresses on which more than $ 100 is stored is much less volatile.

The Glassnode researchers believe that such differences are due to the market situation at a certain point in time, since the peak of the number of Bitcoin millionaires fell at the end of 2017. Another reason they call the fact that large reserves usually own stock exchanges, storage services and other organizations that are constantly redistributing.

Since the number of addresses does not necessarily coincide with the number of their owners, it is impossible to say with accurately, how many Bitcoin millionaires are now. Should not also forget about the wallet

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