The world’s first steel mill in the world operating on hydrogen fuel is open in Sweden

In Sweden, an experimental plant for the production of Hybrit steel was launched, which works exclusively on hydrogen fuel.

Open today in Luleå pilot plant became the world’s first enterprise in the world in the world in the world, completely abandoned from coking coal and any other fossil fuel. Conducting test operations for the production of cast iron on the new technology began immediately after the official launch of the installation with the participation of the Prime Minister of the country Stephen Levien.

In addition to the transition to renewable fuel, the new technology will help minimize carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. Only one HYBRIT project will reduce CO2 emissions in Sweden by 10%.

The innovative initiative is SSAB, LKAB and Vattenfall, which in 2016 combined efforts to create an experimental installation. The construction of the plant began in 2018.

With Hybrit by 2035, Sweden plans to find a solution for the production of steel that does not contain fossil hydrocarbons.


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