The United Kingdom has begun to build the world’s largest underwater power supply line

The United Kingdom began to lay the longest underwater power supply system for today, 765 km long.

The VIKING LINK project will connect the Lincolnshire coast with Danish Revolution. With its help, the United Kingdom will receive access to the huge windy resources of South Jutland and will be able to provide 1.5 million homes with energy.

Siemens Energy has already begun construction of an access road to a conversion station that will connect an electric cable with a British network, in Fengian swamps.

Construction will cost Misty Albion at 1.8 billion pounds sterling ($ 2.25 billion) and end in 2023. However, the project will allow freely transmitting electricity through the borders.

Denmark began to develop wind power from the 1970s and now satisfies 50% of the country’s demand for its account.

However, in the next decade, Viking Link will lose the status of a record holder, since last year the Australian government supported the project for the supply of electricity to Singapore on an underwater cable

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