The prototype of the Martian Rocket Spacex completed the first test flight

Spacex conducted successful tests of the StarShip rocket prototype, which in the near future plans to use Mars to colonize Mars.

The prototype called SN5 with the Raptor engine rose into the air to the height of about 150 meters and landed on the starting platform. The test version of the rocket was very primitive and actually presented a large metal cylinder without a nasal fairing, collected by the Spacex team in a few weeks.

This launch has become a real success after several previous ground tests that ended explosions.

According to Ilona Mask, the team will spend some more similar jumps in Texas before launching a more advanced prototype StarShip with attached closures on a large height. The final version of the rocket will be equipped with three Raptor engines, creating cravings in 12 MN, will be used for lunar and Martian missions of the company.

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