The new organic semiconductor will allow you to create super-fast flexible processors.

Researchers manufactured material that can be the basis for the next generation flexible electronics.

The team of scientists from the Australian National University could grow an organic semiconductor, one carbon thickness thickness with unique properties that allow you to create super-fast electronic processors and chips from it.

While ordinary devices operate from electricity, the new material makes it possible to use light and separate photons instead, which spread much faster. However, it has high strength indicators, flexibility, which allows him to give it any form.

The semiconductor is made only from carbon and hydrogen, so devices from it may be subjected to biological decomposition or is easy to recycled without harm to the environment.

Although scientists themselves say that in the near future should not be expected by the appearance of electronics operating in the light, but their research is still at one step closer to this technology. Recall that last year engineers have already created the first in the world

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