The new device generates electricity from any surrounding vibrations.

Researchers have developed a new device for the production of electricity from surrounding oscillations with different frequencies with the automatic resonance adjustment mechanism.

Various industrial facilities, cars, pedestrians and more are constantly creating small vibrations with a certain amount of energy. It can be collected using a resonance phenomenon, but for this, the frequency of the device itself should coincide with the source fluctuations. However, due to the wide range of vibrations in the environment, their use is strongly limited.

To solve this problem, self-adjustable assemblers with a built-in engine or a microcontroller were developed, which in the process consumed a significant part of the generated energy.

Now scientists from the Korean Institute of Science and Technologies have created a vibrational energy collector with a special structure that can automatically be configured to the surrounding frequency without a separate electrical device. This function performs the internal control mass, which is autonomously moved, and when vibration is detected, the cargo changes its position in accordance with its frequency. As a result, the device receives a similar frequency as external oscillations, reaching resonance.

This extends the operated range of the developed energy collector by 1400% compared to existing devices with the only one’s own frequency.

Such devices can perform the role of an autonomous power supply for wireless sensory networks, wearable electronics and internet of things.

In addition to methods of collecting energy, scientists are improving and methods for its transfer. Recently in New Zealand began to test

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