The law on the Central Committee does not provide for the regulation of cryptochem without tokens

MOSCOW DIGITAL SCHOOL Analytical study revealed a number of gaps in the new law on the Central Federal District.

Business School Experts note that one of the main problems is not widespread in the international practice of terms, and its own, which introduce new legal institutions and thereby create uncertainty in law enforcement. The text of the law also does not regulate the norms of regulation of certain types of tokens and cryptocurrency with various functions, and there is no definition of mining.

In addition, there is a contradiction in recognizing the digital currency to the means of payment. The initial definition in the FZ itself recognizes it to be such a means, but below Art. 14 already prohibits legal and individuals to take a digital currency as a counter-provision for transmitted goods, services or payment in one way. This significantly limits the use of cryptocurrency in Russia, and also reduces the economic feasibility of possession of it.

The studies of the study also found a space in terms of cryptoche adjustment. According to the new law, the operators of the exchange of digital financial assets include only the platforms selling to the tokens (digital rights and the Central Bank), therefore, the exchanges operating with such cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin and Ethyurium are not subject to the definition of such a subject and remain unresolved. Although the law on the Central Federal District directly allows the possibility of organizing a cryptocurrency exchange platform on the territory of Russia.

At the same time, the study of the exchange CEX.IO has shown that for the first half of 2020

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