The largest Japanese bank will release their own stelkopoin by the end of 2020

The largest financial group of Japan Mitsubishi UFJ intends to release its own stelkopoin by the end of this year.

The president and chief executive officer of MUFG Hironori Kamezawa said that the bank plans to launch the project in the second half of 2020. According to him, the digital currency will be used to pay retail purchases through a mobile application.

In the implementation of the project, the Bank will help his partner Recruit Group and 1 million stores that have already agreed to cooperate and freely take the MUFG token. In the future, the company plans to interest other retail chains.

Mitsubishi UFJ began work on a 1: 1 stubborn in Japanese, back in 2015, but tolerated the launch several times. Previously representatives of the bank

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