The first smart contract launched on the Bitcoin network

On September 8, two Cryptoentziastov launched the first discrete contract in the Bitcoin’s main network to automate the dispute by 1 VTS.

First, smart contract technology was usually associated with Ethereum, EOS, TRON and other similar platforms, since Bitcoin avoided ideas in favor of security. However, the SURDBITS team actively develops this direction, believing that the first cryptocurrency should not be given to this sphere altkinam, since in its base there is a lot of suitable primitives from which complex applications can be created.

Adding technology allowed Nicolas Dorier and Chris Stewart to make bets on the winner of the upcoming presidential elections in the United States, using the DLC and Outcome Observer contract in the role of a third-party Oracle, which will also convey a signature to receive a winning winner after the official announcement of the results in March 2021. If the candidate will win for power for power, on which there is no bet, then after confirming the results of the Oracle returns the bet back.

According to developers, many underestimate the possibilities of this type of smart contracts based on Bitcoin, but as all new applications will begin to appear, which will increase the popularity of the network and contribute to the increase in the CTC rate.

Last year, Programmer Peter Willie also presented a new coding language

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