The first races on flying cars will be held in 2021

In 2021, Airspeeder plans to organize the first in the history of the race on flying electric cars with a vertical take-off and landing system.

The management of the company believes that nothing accelerates technical progress in the field of transport as sports competitions. For this, the manufacturer began to cooperate with Acronis, which works in the field of cybersecurity and is responsible for collecting data on the performance characteristics of Formula 1.

The goal of the partnership is to develop digital solutions that will ensure air safety. In addition to Lidar and Machine Vision Systems, each racing «Speder» will receive a virtual power field that will surround it, preventing collisions with other participants.

New solutions will also allow pilots to receive real-time data on the state of the battery and other key indicators of onboard systems.

It is possible that in the near future we are waiting for rings on jet flying motorcycles, similar to the development of Jetpack Aviation, developing

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