In the new bill, the European Commission plans to present a strategy for promoting the use of digital finances through the introduction of blockchain technology and cryptoacivis.

According to Reuters, the European Union is concerned that 78% of the payments in the eurozone are carried out by cash calculation. Therefore, in the next four years, the European Commission intends to develop and approve a comprehensive management structure, which allows to integrate a distributed registry technology and cryptoculative to the financial sector, taking into account potential risks.

New rules will have to contribute to the development of instantaneous non-cash methods for calculating, an increase in their effectiveness, as well as make transboundary payments faster and cheap. In parallel, the European Commission will estimate the influence of consumer fees and can establish an upper border that does not exceed the level of commissions for regular bank card payments.

Brussels is also interested in increasing the diversity of services and increase competition, for which it wants to simplify the exchange of data in the financial sector.

All these changes should help the EU get rid of the dependence on popular American payment systems, such as Visa and MasterCard.

In addition, last week, Vice-Chairman of the European Commission, Valdis Dombrovskis, stated that in the future legislation will also be resolved

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