The course of Etherium reached a two-year high on the background of the growth of the ENT-futures market

The price of Ether today rose above $ 440, which is the best indicator over the past 2 years. Positive dynamics is due to the growth of the Derivatives Market and Defi Protocols.

Analysts celebrate a record high open interest in ETN futures contracts, which remains stable over the past time and keeps at $ 1.5 billion. Interest from large investors supports the optimistic attitude of traders, which acts as a good growth catalyst.

In recent months, the rapidly gaining popularity projects in the field of decentralized finance indirectly also stimulated the increase in the course. The growth of user activity gradually increased the demand for ether and gas to pay commissions for transactions, part of which is bought in ETN.

Since on Tuesday, Ethereum fees rose to a record level, the price of the ether rose by 12%. At the time of publication, ETN is traded at $ 437. Over the past month, its cost increased by 84%, and almost 400% compared with the Martov minimum.

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