The complexity of Mineland Bitcoin reached a new maximum

After only two months after Halving and subsequent difficulties, the level of complexity of Mineland Bitcoin reached the historical maximum in 17.345 trillion.

According to the pool, as a result of the last adjustment, the figure rose by 9.89%, setting a new record. At the same time, the Housing network at the time of publication is approximately 124.29 EH / S. The rapid restoration of activity indicators actually made unreasonable concerns of some experts on gradual attenuation of mining and maintenance of miners due to damages.

Noticeable positive changes began with June, when after the next recalculation of complexity, it jumped at 14.95%, almost completely eliminating the former decals. Since the growth of this indicator directly affects the safety of the cryptocurrency network, the positive dynamics is a positive news for investors.

However, a significant increase in complexity also affects the profitability of production, because of which some miners can start selling more than the PTS more than usual, providing pressure on the market.

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