The Chinese made a cardboard voshlem, which protects his head is not worse than the traditional

Researchers have developed and successfully tested a new bicycle helmet in which instead of a polymer foam uses cell and corrugated cardboard.

Currently, Voshlems are usually made from expanded polystyrene, but due to environmental pollution, scientists are trying to replace common plastic suitable for recycling materials.

Conducted by the team from the center of biomechanics injuries and safety of vehicles with Tianjin Scientific and Technical University Krash tests showed that with the correct design of the bicycle helmet made only from cardboard, can reduce the likelihood of head injury by 63% and loss of consciousness by 86% for any The form of an accident. It is able to effectively withstand external shocks in a short period of time and has good shock absorbing characteristics.

This helmet has not only low production cost, but also made of environmentally friendly material.

Previously, we also reported the development of a new security application that

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