The leadership of the Young Republic believes that the problem of electricity deficiency in the region is largely due to the increase in cryptocurrency production.

Despite the introduction of an official ban on mining in 2018, residents continue to actively use energy-intensive equipment using cheap electricity. The customs service claims that only over the past six months on the territory of the country was imported asics for more than $ 589 thousand.

According to the director for the operating and technological management of Chernomorenergo, Ruslana Qu., currently the total capacity of the operating equipment in the republic is at least 40-45 MW. With 24-hour operation for 12 months of installation, about 400 million kWh is consumed or more than 56% of the predicted electricity deficit until the end of the year.

It is noteworthy that in such conditions the authorities do not intend to strengthen the pressure on miners, and they want to relieve the ban on the mining activity cryptocurrency, allowing them to work during the daytime. The government expects such a step to improve the interaction between energy suppliers, local administrations and prospectors.

Unlike Abkhazia, Iran takes more radical measures to combat shadow mining. Since the beginning of the year in the country more closed

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