The activity on cryptocheges increased by 70% after the Bitcoin breakthrough above $ 10 thousand.

According to Glassnode, the rapid growth of the Bitcoin course caused a surge of activity on cryptocurrency exchanges.

According to metrics, from Sunday, a 70 percent increase in trade activity has been observed on centralized trading platforms. At the same time, the number of deposits increased by only 0.17%, and the informance indicator increased by 53.16%, and net income on transactions rose by 9.35% compared to July 21.

The growth of the CBC rate not only led to an increase in the number of active BITCOIN addresses by 14.66%, but also forced some of the elements to enter the market, using 1.11% of their savings.

Although in recent days, the bulls have significantly raised the price of Bitcoin, but analysts doubt that this year the first cryptocurrency will be able to approach the historical maximum of 2017. According to the forecasts of Skew, the likelihood that by the end of December the CTC rate will reach $ 20 thousand. Accounts for only 9%

At the time of publication Bitcoin trades

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