TETHER overtook PayPal and Bitcoin by the average daily transfer cost

In August, USDT users on average performed operations for more than $ 3.55 billion daily, which is 20% and 46% higher than similar indicators for Bitcoin and PayPal, respectively.

According to the PayPal payment system report for the second quarter, on average, the company has handled payments by $ 2.43 billion. According to Coinmetrics, in the first 20 days of August, Bitcoin users spent daily transactions worth $ 2.94 billion.

A splash of using USDT in recent months is caused by stir around the products of decentralized finance and protocols of the exchange of tokens. In parallel with the increase in demand for Stelkoin, the volume of its proposal increased, which from the beginning of the year increased by 225%, reaching $ 13 billion.

Currently, Tether is the second source of commissions in the Ethereum network, with monthly gas consumption of $ 8.6 million.

The Stabosina team claims that the rapid growth in demand for a digital product is due to the current economic situation in which people are interested in safer and effective ways of settlement instead of obsolete banking and payment systems.

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