Swedes will build a 200-meter transatlantic cargo ship with a chickenpox

By 2024, the Swedish Consortium plans to lower a huge cargo ship on the water, which will only use the wind energy for the intersection of the Atlantic Ocean.

Engineers from the Stockholm Royal Institute and Maritime Consulting Company SSPA under the direction of the shipbuilding company Wallenius Marine were engaged in the development of the ship.

The cargo ship is called WPCC (Wind Powered Carrier) will have an impressive dimension: length — 200 m, width — 40 m, height 100 m, 80 of which falls on sails, more reminiscent fins.

Although the ship will be able to cross the huge distances using only the wind to move, but for security reasons, designers additionally equipped with its engines (most likely electrical), which will also help maneuver when entering and out of the harbor.

WPCC is designed to be transported on board up to 7 thousand cars, practically not polluting the environment.

The only disadvantage of the use of extremely wind energy will be an increase in the intersection of the Atlantic from 7 days to about 12.

While the Swedes seek to reduce the burden on the ecology by moving sea transport to natural sources, Hyundai is developing vessels working

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