Should ETF Investors Worry About Broker Testing?

Shares of all FinEx ETFs will continue to be available without testing for any investor.

From October 1, 2021, brokers will begin testing unqualified investors who want to buy complex financial products. FinEx ETF Managing Director Vladimir Kreindel told the hosts of the Lemon for Tea podcast why investors in ETFs on the Moscow Exchange have nothing to worry about.

Testing is required to gain access to complex instruments such as options and other derivatives. These are the requirements of the law.

ETFs that are traded on the Moscow Exchange in quotation lists will not be tested in any way. They are included in the list of instruments, access to which is allowed to any unqualified investor. It is a diversified, transparent and simple enough product that even beginners can work with it.

We expect that in mid-September 2021, FXMM, FXTB, FXRL, FXIM funds will move from the “non-listed” category to the “listed securities” category — thus 100% of the FinEx ETF securities will be available to an unqualified investor.

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