Scientists revived bacteria that slept100 million years under the seabed

An international group of researchers has reanimated microorganisms that have laid over 100 million years in the thickness of sea precipitation.

10 years ago, scientists removed samples of deposits under the seabed from a depth of 75 m, the approximate age of which is dated to 101.5 million years. Only a little oxygen was found in the soil and organic materials could have been powered by living organisms.

During a recent study, the team found aerobic bacteria there, which, when adding nutrients, began to quickly revive and multiply. They excluded the possibility of pollution, since microorganisms could not accidentally penetrate the thick layers of the seabed.

According to scientists, they were shocked by the fact that 99% of microorganisms were able to return to life after so long starvation. For 68 days of observation, their population increased by four orders of magnitude.

The team still does not know exactly the exact reason for such a long preservation of the activity of bacteria. Perhaps they were in a state of Anabiosa or could somehow share from time to time.

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