Scientists invented the approach of the Trojan horse to destroy cancer cells without drugs

Researchers were able to stop the growth of malignant tumors in experimental mice with the help of nanoparticles, causing self-destruction of cancer cells.

For this, a team of scientists from Nanyang Technological University covered particles of silicon dioxide size of a 30 nm porous imitator L-phenylalanine amino acid. This substance is not produced in the human body, therefore cancer cells tend to get it.

The amino acid performs the function of bait and disguise, which, together with it, penetrate the nanoparticles that stimulate the excessive production of the active forms of oxygen, which leads to self-dissemination of cancer cells, but does not harm healthy. It does not require the introduction of additional preparations or activation of particles.

Lab experiments have shown that the «Trojan horse» method kills about 80% of breast cancer cells, leather and stomach. It is comparable with indicators of conventional chemotherapeutic drugs, such as cisplatin. Nanoparticles also significantly slow down the growth of more complex forms of tumors.

Recall that recent scientists

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