Scientists have invented flexible microestrodides that can even be cut

A group of researchers has developed technology for the production of microyvodiodes that are not afraid of deformation and can be fixed on any surface.

Currently, LEDs are used in many different products, and are the optimal solution for backlighting and displays of electronic devices. However, despite their small sizes, low weight and high energy efficiency, they are fragile and used only on flat surfaces.

Now the international group of scientists led by the team from the University of Texas in Dallas presented a new type of removable microevidodes with unique properties. According to the inventors, they can be folded, twisted, cut in half and attach to various flexible surfaces, for example, to clothing or rubber, not experiencing about the preservation of functionality.

Microswords were created using the method of remote epitaxy, consisting in the cultivation of a thin layer of LED crystals on a graphene sheet, one atom thick.

This technology can open the way to develop the next-generation electrical wearable.

Recall that recently researchers also created a LED, which can

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