Scientists have found that the human body is able to overcome HIV without drugs.

During clinical trials, researchers found that some patients with HIV can suppress the virus in their body without any drugs.

Last year, doctors confirmed two cases of recovery of HIV patients. Now scientists have found that some people can naturally control the replication of one of the most dangerous viruses only due to the peculiarities of their body.

According to a recent study, 0.5% of infected people are literally capturing the virus in its genome, suppressing their reproduction and infection of other cells. This allows such people to achieve full functional recovery without third-party intervention.

This confirmation was 66-year-old Lorin Villenberg, which participated in clinical trials for more than 15 years. After so much time after confirming the infection, all the tests have gave a negative result on HIV. A group of researchers analyzed more than 1.5 billion cells from various fabrics of the entire body of a woman, officially confirming another case of recovery.

Scientists suggest that the proportion of people who can independently deal with the virus may be more, and a similar result can be achieved by antiretroviral therapy for 20 years.

Earlier this year, researchers also

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