Scientists have found a new way to slow down aging

A group of researchers proposed a new way to slow down the process of aging of living cells by manipulating DNA.

Studying aging mechanisms in yeast, scientists from the University of California in San Diego found that despite their genetic similarity and the same habitat, they can grow completely differently. Approximately half of the studied cells died as a result of a gradual decrease in the number of nucleons, and others stopped

After additional tests, the researchers found that the cells begin to go one of two ways from the very beginning of their life and revealed a molecular circuit that determines the variant of aging. This allowed the command to simulate the process and optimize it by reprogramming the genetic code, which sharply increased the life expectancy of yeast.

Scientists say that similar methods can also be used to delay human aging and improving its health indicators. Therefore, in the future, they will conduct experiments with complex cells and organisms.

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