Scientists have discovered the first bacteria that feed on metal

Biologists accidentally found the first microorganisms that use a pure metal as a source of energy.

The team of researchers of the California Institute of Technology conducted experiments with an easy, similar to the chalk form of manganese. One of the scientists poured a sample with tap water and forgot about it. When in a couple of months he returned to a glass jar, then noticed a dark film that should not be.

After analyzing the film, microbiologists have established that it consists of a manganese oxide created by bacteria that lived in water and fed on metal.

Researchers came to the conclusion that they found new chemicalitoauthotrophic microorganisms that mutated in blocks of water distribution systems whose relatives live in underground waters.

They can be potentially dangerous to the health of people with weakened immunity, since the manganese is also present in our body. The decision to combat them may be previously developed filtration

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