Scientists have developed technologies for the production of roller materials from mushrooms

Researchers demonstrated how to produce skin substitutes from recycled mushroom mass.

Currently, the skin is a by-product of meat production, and its synthetic substitutes usually make their various types of plastics. The first embodiment is skeptical about the defenders of nature, and the second is environmentalists. Now scientists from the Vienna University offered a new alternative.

They have developed technology for producing leather materials from mushrooms by recycling sawdust and inexpensive side products of rural and forestry, acting as a substrate for the growth of the tubular structures of mycelium. The scientists collected in a couple of weeks were subjected to physical and chemical treatment, transforming it into sheets that look outwardly like leather and have similar tactile properties.

Such a material consists of chitin and polysaccharides, which are completely decomposed in the natural environment. In parallel, the team also used champignons and drums of bugs for the production of paper and foam analogs.

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