Scientists have developed paint that can cool the buildings, reflecting up to 98% of the incoming heat

The research team provided a method for creating improved white paint, which, when applied to the roof or external walls, the building reflects up to 98% of the infrared radiation from the Sun.

Everyone knows that white clothing better reflects the light and is heated less, so in hot weather it is more comfortable. This principle also works for other objects such as buildings. However, the existing white paints reflect a maximum of 85% of solar radiation, and the remaining energy is absorbed.

A team from California University in Los Angeles decided to improve this indicator to use paint for passive radiation cooling during the daytime.

For this, instead of titanium oxide, they used cheaper ingredients, such as barite and teflon, reduced the concentration of polymer binders that are well absorbed heat, and made other small changes in the composition.

As a result of all modifications, the resulting paint is capable of reflecting up to 98% of incoming radiation, reducing the temperature in the room and helping to save on its cooling.

Previously, we also reported on the development of a simple system.

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