Scientists have developed new cooling panels to help struggle with summer heat

The international group of researchers has developed a system of rectangular cooling panels that function due to heat from the human body.

Many cope with heat in the summer with air conditioners, which in addition to electricity consumption can harm health and cause breathing problems. A group of scientists from several US and Singapore universities offered the best alternative called Cold Tube.

In fact, they created a system of rectangular wall or ceiling panels, which are cooled due to the circulation of chilled water. Due to the absorption of naturally allocated heat from the body of a person near a person, the water in them moves from the cold surface heated to a colder surface, thus taking the captured energy. This creates a feeling of cooling, as if cold air blows up the body, even if the temperature inside is high enough.

Similar panels have been used for a long time in the construction industry, but the uniqueness of the new system is that it does not require an additional drainage system. This is achieved thanks to a special airtight, pushing moisture membrane, which closes the cooled panels and prevents the formation of condensate, but transmits infrared radiation.

According to the developers, the panels work independently of the temperature and humidity of the air, so they can be used not only in closed rooms, but also in the open air, for example, at public transport stops, fairs, concerts.

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