Scientists have developed cosmic bricks production technology for lunar housing

Researchers have developed a simple production process for creating durable and safe brick structures on the moon.

Over the past decades, the pace of development of cosmos development technologies accelerated noticeably. This is due not only to the increase in the interest of scientists to the mysteries of the Universe, but also with limited resources on Earth, which are rapidly depleted, as well as the approaching overcrowding of the planet. The colonization of the Moon and other planets is the best solution for solving such problems.

Currently, shipping 1 kg of payload in space costs about $ 10 thousand, which is an overly high price for building materials. Therefore, researchers began to actively explore ways of building buildings from affordable materials. The team from the Indian Scientific Institute has developed a safe method for the production of environmentally friendly and durable bricks in micrographs, which can be used to erect housing on the surface of the moon.

For the manufacture of «cosmic bricks», they first mixed the regolith simulator with Sporosarcina Pasteurii bacteria, resin from Guara beans, and then add components containing urea, calcium. In the process of life, microorganisms were processed by urea and calcium into calcium carbonate crystals, which is deposited when interacting with guar gum and acts as a frame for the residual lunar breed, increasing the strength of the material.

According to scientists, such bricks can be any form, it is easy to process, and allow you to build complex structures on the moon without the need to use additional fasteners. In the future, they plan to automate the production process and increase the strength of the material so that it can withstand higher load and shock.

In addition to the manufacture of building materials, researchers also developed technologies that allow the use of lunar dust for

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