Scientists have created an army of a million microbot, which can pass through a medical needle

Engineers described the technology of creating a million robots in size less than 0.1 mm of 10-centimeter silicon plates.

Tiny machines are so small that they cannot be seen with a naked eye, but have a new-sensitive drive of a new class, resembling rudimentary limbs, with which they can move. To manage robot movements, scientists from Cornell University sent a laser to different sections of a tiny chain on the back, which lead to the counterparts.

They can operate in any media, including conditions with extreme temperatures and acidity.

Microbots can go through the thinnest needle for subcutaneous injections, which allows you to enter them into the human body. Due to the dependence on the external source of energy, the current puppets are difficult to manipulate in tissues, so researchers plan to significantly upgrade them and program them to perform certain tasks, for example, cancer cell attack.

However, according to the developers themselves, years or even decades can take it.

To increase the functionality of tiny robots, recently scientists offered a new way of design, which allows

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