Scientists have created a pocket particle accelerator that disperses electrons to 99.99% of light speed

Researchers have developed a compact accelerator of particles, which, with a laser, can accelerate electron beams up to 99.99% of light speed.

To achieve this result, scientists from the University of Manchester have developed a special metal structure covered by quartz layers thinner of the human hair, as well as light pulses of the terahertz band. The generated radiation exists in the mode of the perfect wavelength of millimeter scale, which is well suited for accelerating particles with a high level of charge.

The main problem was to coordinate the speed of accelerating THC fields at the electron beam speed almost at the speed of light, and also prevent the initially lower speed of movement of the terahertz pulse spreading through the structure. Scientists solved this problem by developing a unique radiation source, which generates longer pulses containing only a narrow frequency range.

Researchers are already working on an increase in the energy of the radiation source while maintaining the quality of the beam. According to them, technology will allow replace

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