Scientists have created a laser violating the laws of light distribution

Researchers have developed a new laser beam, the speed of which does not change when moving through various environments.

If we put a spoon in a glass with water, it will seem broken on the border between water and air. Such an effect arises due to the fact that the light passes through the air faster than through the water, so its rays bend when it gets into a more dense medium. However, a team of physicists from the University of Central Florida created a laser, which violates the law of Snellius, describing such physical phenomena.

Scientists have developed a system generating laser pulses that are able to behave equally in various environments or even move faster in more dense materials. In this case, the oscillations themselves are not changing, but the speed of moving their peaks. The command reached this with a spatial light modulator. Physics called such impulses «wave packages of space-time.»

Since the rays are not refracted, they can simultaneously reach the space points in various environments, which makes it possible to bring military communications technology to a new level.

However, despite the violation of the Farm’s habitual postulates on the distribution of light, scientists say that such laser rays do not contradict the laws of physics and fit into a special theory of relativity.

Previously, we also reported the development of an effective method.

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