Scientists have created a flat lens a thousand times thinner of the human hair

Engineers developed an ultra-thin silicon metalus with an infinite refractive index, which can serve as a camera lens or used in other devices.

The invention of researchers from the University of São Paulo consists of only one nanometer silicon layer placed on an array of tiny waveguides, refracting the light when it passes through them. The metalization structure was created by the method of photolithography.

Relying on the principles of traditional lenses, engineers designed a metalizz, which completely simulates a flat lens with an infinite refractive index. Created by the lens team has an arbitrary field of view, which ideally can reach 180 ° without image distortion.

The tests have shown that the efficiency of the lens begins to decline at angle of view more than 110 °, since light energy decreases due to the effect of the shade, but this can be corrected using post-processing. Although the metalizing combination does not allow to achieve ultra-high resolution, but the image quality obtained is more than enough for any non-specialized application.

So far, the team managed to get pictures only in green, but the further modernization of the lens will allow the entire visible spectrum into operation.

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