Scientists have created a desktop air filter, instantly killing coronavirus and Siberian ulcers

The researchers team developed a compact air filter that catches the viruses transmitted by air-droplet, and instantly destroys them with high temperatures.

Scientists have long known that pathogens are not able to survive the temperature above 70 ° C, but the use of such an indoor cleaning technology can increase the load on the air conditioning system. Therefore, researchers from Houston University decided to use a foametal as a filter, which highlights the minimum heat into the environment.

The team chose the usual nickel foam due to its availability, high porosity, flexibility, electrical conductivity and good ability to skip air. The only obstacle was low resistivity, which makes it difficult to increase the temperature of the foametal to 200 ° C, at which most microorganisms are almost instantly dying.

To solve the problem, the team simply folded several layers of foam together and connected them to electrical wires. This made it possible to raise the temperature of the filter to 200 ° C, which minimizes the amount of outgoing heat.

Researchers created a prototype of a compact device, which can be safely placed on the table. Laboratory tests have shown that after one air pass through such a filter, 99.8% of the COVID-19 virus and 99.9% dispute of the Siberian ulcers are destroyed.

According to developers, such systems can be used in schools, offices, aircraft and other places with high accumulation of people.

Previously, we also reported on the development of a material that under the action of a weak electric current can

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