Samsung plans to launch a 6G network by 2028

Samsung Electronics announced the plans for deploying $ 6G commercial networks by 2028.

According to the published document, since next year, the International Telecommunication Union should proceed with the development of the 6G concept. Samsung believes that the development of the following generation communication standards will need less time than the transition from 4G to 5G.

South Korean conglomerate plans to bring a new type of networks in every aspect of our daily life. However, for the full development of technology, researchers will need to achieve a 1000 Gb / s data transmission rate when the signal delay in the air is not more than 100 microseconds, respectively, 50 and 10 times higher than the maximum indicators 5G.

In addition, it will be necessary to develop new requirements for the architecture and productivity of networks, as well as expand the capabilities of mobile devices using artificial intelligence systems.

Samsung plans are fully justified because scientists are already working in this direction. For example, Russian researchers recently

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