Russian scientists have developed a unique printing technology of «invisible» images

Researchers have developed ink based on organic nanostructures for inkjet printing images that can only be seen in polarized light.

The demand for product protection technology from fakes is growing rapidly. Currently, manufacturers often use QR codes and data signals, but the market needs more accessible methods, the use of which does not require large investments. The team from the Chemical Biological Cluster of the ITMO University has created a unique printing technology for color invisible coating, which can be easily seen through the smartphone screen.

Such an effect is achieved at the expense of colloid ink with the programmed cellulose nanoparticles. Scientists give them in advance with certain qualities, and also adjust the necessary parameters of particles and a print solution. This allows you to choose the correct concentration of ink and modify it so that the mutual attraction and repulsion of the nanoparticles do not allow them chaotically distributed, instead collecting them in parallel to each other.

The thickness of such coatings, which are formed as ink precipitates, is selected taking into account certain optical phenomena observed in polarized light. In this way, you can print any full-color transparent image to protect products, banknotes, tickets and various items.

Recall that recently researchers invented liquid crystals, which can also

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