Russian scientists have created a compact atomic battery with a 20-year service life

The researchers presented an improved nickel beta-galvanic element with a service life of up to 20 years, which is 10 times more powerful, three times less and twice as cheaper than the previous version.

The peculiarity of the original team development from the National Research Technology University of MISIs is to apply a radioactive element on both sides of the planar P-n of the transition, which simplifies the manufacturing technology and control of the reverse current, which kidding the device. The special microchannel structure increases the efficiency of beta-radiation transform 14 times, which leads to a general current amplification.

The finite power of the battery is 31 nvt / cm2, and the short circuit current of the IKZ — 230 V / cm2. Increasing the efficiency of energy transformation into electricity allows to reduce the consumption of expensive radioisotope, which reduces the cost of the device by about 50%. Due to the modernization of the components and their increase in performance, a decrease in mass and dimensions of the battery is achieved without losing the required level of output power.

According to scientists, such a beta-galvanic element can be used as an emergency power supply and temperature sensor in devices in space, under water and in highland areas.

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